June 23rd, 2018   **NEW Kintaro SNES PAL/EURO Case decals available now!, They’re $4.00 plus the $1.00 shipping in USA and $3.00 shipping outside of USA

***You can now order the decals through the main site with the shopping cart and checkout process if you prefer. Shipping is still the same low price, any issues contact us!***

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____3D Printed mini NES Cartridges will be available to order on the main site soon!

*Payment and Shipping info listed below*  Thanks for all of the support!  All decals are available in Peel & Stick now.  Don’t see any decals you want? Contact Us for custom decals!



UPDATE: NES & SNESAccessories Pack” Decals are available!!  & SUPER RETROPIE Controller Decals  *Photos and Pricing Below*

Orders will ship out every morning as long as the Post Office is open and not closed for a Holiday.  

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Our decals have been shipped to Japan, China, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Israel Australia, Germany, England, Austria, Singapore, India, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Sweden, Ireland, Chile, Denmark, Greece & all 50 USA States. Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out!


(SNES Decals are only available in Peel & Stick) (NES Decals are available in both Waterslide and Peel & Stick)



*NEW*  RetroPie
Back To The Future


Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue or Grey

NES Accessories Pack Decals

NES Accessories Pack Decals (1) Mini Light Gun Zapper (2) Mini NES Random Cartridges (2) Mini NES Controllers 

SNES Accessories Pack Decals

SNES Accessories Pack Decals (2) SNES Random Cartridges (2) SNES Controllers       (SUPER RETROPIE Controller Decal sold separately) 


SUPER RETROPIE Controller Decal

SUPER RETROPIE Controller Decal

(Other case decals such as the 500 in 1 NES case, or 3D Printed NES cases are available also, just leave a note regarding which case decal sizes, otherwise the Retroflag NESpi size will be sent)



Raspberry Pi3 SNES Case: http://amzn.to/2ypcuuM

Raspberry Pi3 NES Case: http://amzn.to/2xZRPvL


Customized decals are available by request as well  (Pricing Varies)


NES Decals

Front Decal:  $4.00              *Fits 1 Case

Rear Decals:   $4.00            *Fits 1 Case     Power, HDMI, Audio Out, Player 1, Player 2

Accessories:  $8.00             *Fits 1 Case    (1) Mini Light Gun Zapper (2) Mini NES Random Cartridges (2) Mini NES Controllers


SNES Decals

Complete *4 set    $8.00         *Fits 1 Case    (SNES) (Eject-Power-Reset) (Nintendo) (1-800 label)   (Please NOTE which Color or Stock Grey will be sent)

Accessories:    $8.00             *Fits 1 Case    (2) Mini SNES Random Cartridges (2) Mini SNES Controllers

SUPER RETROPIE Controller Decal:   $4.00     *Fits 1 Controller




(Example: (1)Front Decal $4, (1)Rear Decal $4 + $1 Shipping   = $9.00 Shipped) No matter how many decals just $1.00 shipping.


(Example: (1)Front Decal $4, (1)Rear Decal $4 + $3 Shipping  = $11.00 Shipped) No matter how many decals just $3.00 shipping.


Decals are shipped out every morning, including Saturday as long as payment is made before 6:00am Eastern, Otherwise it will ship out the following morning. Because I am accepting payment directly, there will be no shipping confirmation email. Rest assured, it will ship the very next morning after payment. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove NESpi decal with no damage.

I’ve been selling decals on the Facebook Retro Gaming groups for months, everyone knows me on there.






-When checking out, if you could not select “goods”, Choose Friends and Family so that it will help save me on PayPal fees. If not, that’s fine. Thanks for your order!!

Leave your address in the notes section and state weather you want Front NES, Rear NES or Both NES, SNES Grey or Coloset and how many decals of each. Any missing information will delay your shipment that day.





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SNES Decal Set – *You get: (1) Nintendo, (1) 1-800*
SNES Decal Set – *You get: (1) SNES, (1) Eject, Power, Reset*
Front Decal – *You get: (1) Nintendo Entertainment System*
Rear Decals – *You get: (1) Power, (1) HDMI, (1) Audio Out, (1) Player 1, (1) Player 2*
SNES Decals Applied on Tinytendo Case *Customer Image*
SNES Decals Applied *Customer Image*
SNES Decals Applied *Customer Image*

500 in 1 NES Case