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Nintendo LCD Cartridge | #NESLCDcart PiCart (2022 UPDATE)

Nintendo LCD Cartridge | #NESLCDcart PiCart (2022 UPDATE)

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Wood Display Stand

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Video Game Cartridge Slideshows #LCDcart


NEW 2022 Version!! IT PLAYS GAMES!!!!!


You can now play your favorite Nintendo games when you connect the #NESLCDcart™ to your TV with an HDMI cable!

Instructions and detailed information will be included with your order.  Thank You!!

Video Game Pi-Cartridge Slideshows™ are only available from DNA Dimension Designs  (PATENT PENDING)



    • *(1) Grey Nintendo Cartridge with built-in LCD Screen ready to play all of your favorite Nintendo games!

    • *Pi Zero W (Built inside; It looks just like an original Nintendo Cartridge! Except it has an LCD Screen and plays GAMES! No Console Required)

    • *Arcade Dynamic Marquee Style Display; The 3.5" LCD Screen displays what game you are currently playing when connected to your TV!

    • *793 Game Label Images randomly display as a slideshow when powered on and you aren't playing your favorite NES games!

    • *Custom TV Screensaver that displays multiple games on your TV or Monitor when connected by HDMI Cable

    • *Micro SD Card (built-in)

    • *(100-240V AC) (4ft) Wall Power Supply with built-in On/Off switch

    • *HDMI Cable, Controllers & roms NOT Included


*INTERNATIONAL Customers: The power cable has a standard USB plug, You can power it with your own USB Port Wall Power Supply or a Computer with USB Ports.

*Not Affiliated or Endorsed By NINTENDO, CO. LTD or RETROPIE


The best keeps getting better! You can now play GAMES on the #NESLCDcart™ only available from @DesignedDNA


When you power on the #NESLCDcart it will automatically boot and start displaying a slideshow of NES game label art on the 3.5" LCD screen that has been laser cut and fit into the NES Cartridge. When connected to your TV with an HDMI cable, It will boot to the dashboard where you can play every Nintendo NES game built into the cartridge while displaying the gameplay on your television. It will also display the game label art of the game you are playing on the #NESLCDcart 3.5" LCD screen, just like a dynamic arcade marquee! After you exit the game you are playing, The 3.5" LCD screen will randomly slideshow through all 793 game label images. You can display the #NESLCDcart on a shelf or your desk by it's own, or connect it to your television and play all your favorite Nintendo games!!

You can plug-in your own USB controllers in the back of the NES Cartridge or use Wireless Bluetooth controllers.

Once powered on the cartridge will auto-boot and start displaying cartridge label art in a slideshow. Upon each boot the cart will display random game label images. (The transition time between images is 9 seconds) Everything is fully contained inside of the cartridge and looks as clean and sleek as an actual Nintendo NES Cartridge! You can now play GAMES when the #NESLCDcart is connected to your TV with an HDMI cable!


You will not get this anywhere else, this build has many hours put into testing, every aspect is customized all the way down to the Custom TV Screensaver that displays on the television when you aren't playing your favorite games. The cartridge has been laser cut for a perfect and clean cut to fit the 3.5" LCD screen. Also our custom wood carved Nintendo stands are the best way to display the cartridge and makes a perfect combination for an amazing gift for the gamer in your life! Get yours now and Level Up!

*Credit to Ron Stratton for the Custom TV Screensaver

*Credit to obsidianspider for the groundwork on the launching scripts



*Basic Nintendo Wood Carved Display Stand included in Combo - The wood carved stand is designed to be a loose fit due to the expansion and contracting of wood during the seasons and for those who want to display the NES LCD Cartridge on your work desk or TV stand and angle the cartridge.








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