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Hungry Wolves Run Faster Sign

Hungry Wolves Run Faster Sign

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Are you a natural hard working person who hustles to make things happen? This wall art sign would be the perfect way to express your true instinct as a hungry hustler in this competitive world. A hungry wolf will fight harder to make their dreams come true. The lettering is carved deep into the wood and is so sharp that it gives the feeling of a wolf shredding it's prey. Reward that person you know that is always hungry for more with this one of a kind wall art that motivates and makes it clear who eats at the end of the day. A truly hungry entrepreneur succeeds!    Want a customized version? Do you have your own business or hobby that you would like to have your own logo carved from wood?  Contact Us!   (Custom carved sizes available upon request)




11.25" x 14"   (19mm Thick)


*Wall mounting accessories included

*Made to order, will ship 2-3 days after payment with tracking


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